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Australian Chart Summary

Saturday - Latest

Cool southwesterly breezes in the wake of a cold front are triggering isolated showers over VIC and TAS. Instability within a moist easterly flow is producing thundery showers about the Top End. Moist onshore winds are generating light showers about coastal QLD.

Saturday 22:00 EST

Moist southwesterlies will ease for VIC and TAS, allowing showers to clear. A high across much of the nation will lead to clear weather. A moist easterly flow over northern Australia will produce scattered showers and thunderstorms, mostly for the NT Top End.

Sunday 22:00 EST

A weak front will bring cool gusty showers to southern parts of VIC and TAS. A strong region of high pressure will keep skies clear leading to cool morning and night-time temperatures. A region of low pressure over the tropics will produce showers and storms.

Monday 22:00 EST

A front and trough is expected to bring isolated showers to southeastern parts of SA, VIC and TAS. Moist unstable easterly winds should generate thundery showers about the Cape York Peninsula and the Top End. High pressure ridges should keep the east and west coasts dry.

Tuesday 22:00 EST

A trough will cross the southeast, bringing isolated showers to TAS, VIC and southern NSW. A region of low pressure in the NT and QLD tropics will generate showers and thunderstorms. A belt of high pressure will keep elsewhere mostly dry and sunny.

Wednesday 22:00 EST

A high pressure ridge should steer moist winds onshore triggering showers over eastern parts of NSW. A trough in the southwest will also trigger isolated thundery showers. A moist easterly flow over the tropics will produce showers and thunderstorms.

Thursday 22:00 EST

A region of low pressure will linger over the tropics, producing showers and thunderstorms focussed on the NT. A front and trough will bring a few showers to southwestern WA. A high in the southeast will direct a few showers onto the NSW coast.

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